Kim Kardashian Uses Hypnotherapy To Lose 4 Stone in Weight


Realty star Kim Kardashian was so impressed with the research she made into hypnotherapy for weight loss she decided to use the technique herself.

The 5ft 2in reality star starting working with a personal trainer to lose weight but then decided she need extra help and decided to use hypnotherapy to help her get back to her normal weight of 8st 3lb.

Kim Kardashian who has only just started using hypnotherapy for weight loss has told friends how it has already started to work and how she is impressed with her virtual gastric band that works in the same way as a real Gastric Band.

The Virtual Gastric Band that Kim Kardashian is using works by making her believe she has had a real gastric band, it works by making her full more quickly and stops her from overeating while at the same time reducing her weight, just like a real gastric band does that is placed inside the body through surgery.

Kim Kardashian is not the only celebrity to use hypnotherapy for weight loss, Lilly Cooper and Gerri Halliwell have also used the weight loss technique with huge success.

More and more men and women are now using hypnotherapy to lose weight instead of diets and with the great results that the hypnotherapy technique brings, men and women are shedding the pounds and losing weight and keeping the weight off long term.

By Diane Walker