Katie Price Set To Annoy Katie Hopkins In The Big Brother House


Katie Price is going into the Big Brother House after agreeing to a £500,000 deal to save the show. After thousands of people turned off from this year’s Big Brother show, the producers knew they had to do something drastic to increase viewing figures.


Peter Andre ex-wife is set to do what she does best, and that is to go into the Big Brother House and say the way it really is. However, although some housemates will be happy to see Katie Price, others will not. That includes celeb blogger and the biggest American pain in the arse, Perez Hilton.

Channel Five are hoping that Katie Price will set off fireworks when she walks into the Big Brother House. Especially with Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton, who have never been her biggest fans. Some media experts are already predicting gobby businesswoman and the biggest UK pain in the arse Katie Hopkins will go from her outspoken ways to a very shy woman.

According to a source at Channel Five Big Brother bosses, have pulled out all the stops to get Katie Price into the Big Brother House. The source explained: “Big Brother have wanted Katie Price on the show for many years but never wanted to pay as much as £500,000. But now with the show losing viewers with the loss of two housemates, they knew they had to give Katie Price anything she wanted.”

Besides the big money, it was the thought of settling old scores with Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton that convinced her to go into the Celebrity Big Brother House. She is looking forward to coming face to face with the two people who have been brave hiding behind Twitter and slagging her off.

A source close to Katie Price has said: “Katie is looking forward to going into the Celebrity Big Brother House, especially with Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton being in there. Perez Hilton may have pretended to cry, but with Katie Price going in, the tears will be real.”

Katie Price fans have already predicted that Katie Hopkins may ask to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House within days of Katie Price going in. No matter what happens Celebrity Big Brother with Katie Price is certainly going to get more entertaining.