Katie Price Former Best Friend Jane Pountney Entering Celebrity Big Brother

Katie Price Enemy Going Into Celebrity Big Brother House

Channel 5 bosses, who are worried about the low viewing figures Celebrity Big Brother has received this year, are looking for ways to make the show better and bring back viewers. Celebrity Big Brother producers, were hoping the £500,000 they paid Katie Price would be money well spent. However, according to sources on the show, they feel let down.

Katie Price Enemy Going Into Celebrity Big Brother House
Katie Price Enemy Going Into Celebrity Big Brother House

Katie Price has not set off fireworks as executives on the show had hoped; instead she has been nice to everyone, which has left viewers very disappointed. Now, according to reports, bosses on the reality show are determined to get their money’s worth and have decided to unsettle Katie Price.

Celebrity Big Brother bosses are in secret talks with Katie Price former best friend – Jane Pountney, who had an affair with her husband. Bosses on the show believe by putting Jane in the house it will set off fireworks and give viewers what they want.

Ladbrokes with the news have slashed the odds of Jane Pountney going into Celebrity Big Brother from 20/1 to 5/4

Although Celebrity Big Brother bosses know viewers would love it if Jane went into the house, some on the show fear Katie Price could get up and leave, which would put the show in crisis.

A source told the Daily Star: “Kate would have a fit if Jane was added to the mix.

“We’re talking an all-out cat fight – there is no way Kate would be able to hold it together.”

Katie Price has called her former friend many names on Twitter, but they have yet come face to face.

If Jane Pountney does go into the Celebrity Big Brother House then it could save the show. With the anger Katie Price has towards her old friend and the fears she has that her husband Kieran will cheat on her again, fireworks could finally take off.