Jasimin Walia Throws Her Toys Out Of The Pram Over Towie


Talented Jasmin Walia has slams Towie bosses over the lack of airtime she receives.


The talented singer, who has left fans puzzled for such a long time on why such a talented singer would give The Only Way Is Essex the time of day, has said she does not understand why she is not receiving more airtime.

The 24-year-old reality star says she has so much more to offer. Jasimin Walia comments will not go down well with the bosses on The Only Way is Essex, but fans have agreed with her. According to her fans, bosses are giving airtime to less talented people and leaving Jasimin out in the cold.

Jasimin said she feels like she is being pushed to one side and wants to show her fans she has more to her than just arguing with everyone.


“Last series I feel like I was a bit side-lined and even I got bored of them focusing on the same old people arguing about the same things,” she told the Daily Star

“I just want viewers to see a bit more about me other than just all us girls arguing.”


Jasmin Walia, who split from her On The Beach star boyfriend, is now with a new man and wants The Only Way Is Essex bosses to have him on the show.
She said: “It would be good if they could bring him on the show to shake things up.

“I’m definitely going to try my best to bring some drama and action to the new series.”


Talented Jasmin who has a voice to die for, auditioned for the failing X Factor show that has as much success for spotting talent as Simon Cowell has in relationships. However, for some reason, she was turned down by Simon Cowell, which convinced the X Factor audience he does not know what real talent is.

Fans of Jasmin have been left puzzled why she has not got a record contract. Some believe it could be down to being on The Only Way Is Essex.