iShield has release a unique security app suitable for anyone who wants to feel free of fear


iShieldApp is pleased to introduce its contribution to fear-free living, thanks to the features found with the innovative smartphone app. The iPhone version of the app will be available 29-September-2014, followed by the release of the web portal on 13-October-2014. The Android version is expected on 15-September-2014. The app is a simple-to-use basket of security options that serve several functions, so that users do not have to feel fear when adverse situations arise.

Living fear free is the result of knowing that help from guardians is available when there is a situation where danger is perceived. For students, this can be when they are travelling alone for lessons, classes or at other times. Sometimes parents are not able to accompany children to certain appointments. When the youngster carries an iShieldApp, the parent can monitor the path and can respond quickly when any movement outside the expected pathway occurs.

The app has several settings. A fearful person can simply tap the icon for “Walk With Me” to have a notification go to the guardian, who will then see a representation of the path being traversed by the user. The representation of the path works whether the individual is walking or travelling by mass transit.

The app works in another scenario just as effectively. An individual who is tied up in a boring meeting that threatens to go on and on can pre-arrange for a fake phone call, set to come in from “Boss” or “Mom”. This call gives the opportunity to leave the situation without the need for rudeness or awkward excuses.

Learn more about the iShield App by checking out the video at, or at the or at today.