All Inclusive May Not Save You Money Warns Travel Experts


All-inclusive has become popular at the moment. More holiday companies are now selling All-inclusive holidays including the high street travel agent First Choice at the annoyance to local bars, restaurants and cafes in Tenerife. However, according to new research, all-inclusive holidays may not be saving consumers as much money as they think.


Research by the Post Office in the UK has found that in some European destinations holidaymakers could save money by booking a B & B holiday. They have said by eating out and buying drinks in local bars instead of paying for an all-inclusive holiday, it could become less expensive.


The post office found that some holidaymakers could save £648 per couple by booking a B&B holiday instead of an all-inclusive one. That is good news to local Tenerife restaurants and bars that have been suffering due to the high demand for all-inclusive holidays.


According to research, 3.5 million all-inclusive holidaymakers admitted that they were fed up with the same meals all the time. Some holidaymakers said even though they paid for the all-inclusive option, they went out to restaurants and cafes to have a change.

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said: “Our research has shown that European All Inclusive resorts consistently offer less than their long haul counterparts so holidaymakers need to be aware of what is included in order to avoid getting caught out. We found that the All Inclusive route is not always cheaper.”


All-inclusive holidays have caused a large number of restaurants, bars and cafes to go bust. With more and more people booking these holidays, fewer people are visiting bars and restaurants, which results in local businesses closing down due to the lack of custom.