In2town Speaks To Eviction Help To Find Out How They Can Help People Get Off The Rental Blacklist


evictionorderEviction Notices in America are on the rise and show no signs of slowing down. Being evicted is a terrible situation to be in, but the nightmare does not end there. When a person has been evicted, no matter for what reason, when it comes to trying to rent another property they face opposition.

In America there is unfair barrier that is put in front of people who have been evicted from their mortgaged home or rental property, that barrier is the tenancy screening program. When a person looks to rent a new property, the chances are they will be screened to find out if they are suitable to rent the property the landlord is offering. If that person has been previously evicted then they could find themselves on a blacklist. This could mean the landlord is unwilling to take a risk and will offer the rental property to another person or family.

People get evicted for many reasons, this could be through rent arrears through a job loss, or this could be down to serious debts with the present troubled economy. No matter what the reason a person has been evicted for, finding a new rental property could be a continuous nightmare. One company who is looking to remove the struggle and end the nightmare is

The Eviction Help website is removing problems and finding solutions for people who are being blacklisted from renting a property. With their help families who have been forced out of their homes are able to find a new home with the barriers removed.

We spoke to Eviction Relief to find out how they can help people to get off the rental blacklist.

How can you help remove an eviction?
We can remove the eviction for you from the tenant screening and consumer reporting agencies that pulls your eviction records from public records and put you in a database with millions of other evicted tenants nationwide and shares your rental history with property managers and landlords that will do a background check on you. We get you out of this database and clear your name so you can rent again.

How long does it take to remove an eviction?
It will take us 30-45 days to remove your evictions.

Is the service guaranteed?
Yes we do guarantee our services and get you renting again.

Can you remove the eviction from a credit report?
This is a common mistake. An eviction and rental history is not on your credit report. Your rental history is on your tenant screening reports that list your evictions for property managers and landlords to see. The only thing you will find on your credit report that has to do with your evictions is money that you may owe a landlord or management company.

Can you stop evictions?
No we cannot but we can remove your eviction once it hits your records within 2-3 days and clear your name so you can rent again.

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