In2town Press Release Talks To Triple Glazing Expert


In2town Press Release decided to tackle the issue of high energy bills and find out what can be done about them. It is not a secret that energy bills are far too high. Householders are struggling with their bills and the elderly are turning off their heating to cut down on their bills. So we decided to speak to Alan Foster, the Director of Warmshield to find out his thoughts on the rising energy bills and how Triple Glazing can help cut the bills.


The interview is free to re-publish for online magazines and blogs.


  1. How do you feel the rising energy bills have affected householders in the UK?


I feel like the big energy companies like British Gas are being greedy by not reducing their prices, I think more pressure should be put on the energy companies by the public and government officials. Taking a positive from a negative though it has actually made homeowners more aware of the choices they make when buying new products. Most people in the UK automatically now think “What’s the most energy efficient option” which is good.


  1. Do you see a time ahead when energy bills will become more affordable?


Yes indeed they will if we keep the “making the energy efficient choice” mentality then yes it is more than possible. Unfortunately for now energy prices are on the increase and predicted to rise which is bad news, these increases from greedy energy companies tend to affect our poor and elderly citizens the most. We are up against energy companies who like the bankers have created a monopoly, which is creating much financial disparity in society but that is a topic for another time.


  1. Many energy saving experts advise people looking to reduce their energy bills to install triple glazing, can triple glazing really help to reduce energy bills?


Properly installed energy efficient triple glazing is around 50% more energy efficient than conventional double-glazing. Warmshield are currently offering triple glazing for the price of double glazing for a limited time only. Most European countries are already triple glazed but the UK are lagging behind. With this special offer and by creating a reduction in price, we are hoping to raise awareness on triple glazing; a product every window company should be offering by now.


  1. How much money each year could a person expect to save by having double glazing installed?

Depending on the type of house this could range from £150-£450 per year with energy efficient double glazing. The saving figure is also significantly increased if you install triple glazing due to the windows superior ability to retain heat for longer.



  1. So if double-glazing does help to reduce energy bills, does that mean double glazing really pays for itself?


Yes in essence your new energy efficient windows and doors will pay for themselves over

the years.



  1. Has double-glazing changed over the years?


The industry has surely evolved; it started with single glazing then double glazing and now with new triple glazing becoming more popular we will hopefully see single glazing and double glazing getting phased out.



  1. With replacement double-glazing, does that mean people with double glazing older than 20 years should look at having them replaced?


Actually people should be looking to replace their windows if they are externally glazed or not energy efficient, externally glazed means that the glass can be taken out and put in from the outside; this is a big security risk. They should also be looking to replace them if they are not energy efficient as they will be losing much heat. In both instances it could even apply to windows installed within the last ten years as regulations didn’t used to be what they are now.



  1. Not everyone can afford to pay for double-glazing installation in one go, are there other ways customers can pay?


Warmshield customer can arrange their own finance; we prefer this option as the customer can usually get a better rate from their own bank rather than third parties. There are instances when such work needs doing as a matter of urgency but customers cannot afford to do so or can’t get the finance. In such instances we do a full survey and allow the customer to do the work in stages. Some people have the main living areas done first, some concentrate on cold areas of the house and some go one side at a time. This is totally up to the customer and there are no extra charges from Warmshield to provide such a service to our customers.


  1. There has been a lot of media attention about Triple Glazing, can you explain what it is?


Triple Glazing is the new evolution within the UK window and door industry. By adding in an extra pane of glass customers can see a huge boost in performance when it comes to energy efficiency, sound proofing and security. Fact of the matter is that it is clearly superior in every aspect and is widely used in other parts of Europe, countries like Scandanavia and Gernmany are about 90%-95% triple glazed already. We are making progress according our standards but compared to some parts of Europe we are just catching up. So we hope more companies within the double glazing industry will now begin to promote triple glazing more so that we can not only catch up but beat our European counterparts when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint.


  1. If people want advice on double glazing or triple glazing, how can they contact you.


You may contact Warmshield on

Freephone: 08008654303

From mobile: 0333577375

Warmshield website:

Warmshield Online Customer Support: