In2town Lifestyle Magazine Speaks To Fashion Designer Jana Liptakova About Her Sophia Oliver Collection


In2town is always happy to speak to fashion designers, and on this occasion we were more than happy to speak to an up and coming designer called Jana Liptakova, who was originally from Slovakia but is now based in London.


Jana Liptakova, who has launched her own fashion brand called Sophia Oliver, is set to showcase her amazing clothing range during London Fashion Week in February. So, we decided to get together with Jana and learn more about the person behind the stunning fashion range and the inspiration she has when designing new clothes.

Who are your true clients for your designs?

My true clients are women who feel confident about themselves; they create their own style and feel special about themselves.

This is your debut collection and you are showcasing it at London Fashion Week off Schedule, how do you feel about that?

I feel very excited about showcasing at London Fashion Week; I have been planning to take part in London Fashion Week since last year and am really looking forward to showing my collection.

What is your vision in expanding your brand in London?

This is a great opportunity for taking part in London Fashion Week and am hopeful that, it will give me great exposure to get my brand out there.

What is your style signature?

It is feminine, cut in geometric shapes; the fabrics have been hand-painted to give an art feel to the looks.

What was the most enjoyable experience in creating your collection?

I think the hand-painting was a wonderful way of expressing my love of art and show this through my collection.

Was it an enjoyable experience creating your first collection?
This is my first collection, and I took great pride in myself for being able to create the collection from start to end by myself.  It has been a challenging experience.

Where did your inspiration and collection ideas come from?

My inspiration can be from anywhere, I enjoy painting and drawing art, architectural buildings, and it can be anything that has a great interest to me…

Do you believe that you have conveyed the right message?

I believe I have created a unique collection, and conveyed the right message by using various art techniques to complete my collection.

How do you find self-esteem?

I feel that, whatever the situations might be, I keep a positive state of mind and put all my energy and efforts into creating my clothes.  That is very important to me.

The fashion changes all the time?  What would you change in your next collection?

Fashion changes very fast, I think staying true to my style and exploring new ideas within my style and build the confidence with the customer.

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