Hugh Grant can Cure his Panic Attacks says Expert


One of the best-known British Actors Hugh Grant has admitted that he suffers from Panic Attacks where he has to take prescribed Anti-Anxiety Pills to help him through the day.

The star explained that the panic attacks are more common when he is filming his smash hits and first started when he was filming the well-known film Notting Hill, which became a worldwide hit.

“They have been growing over the years. There would always be two or three during a film and on ‘Music and Lyrics’ I had a lot. I don’t really know why. They would come and go, said the actor.

“It’s humiliating and it’s so bad I can barely speak so they have to throw the scene away, he added.

Geoff Tims an expert in Health writing said.

“Hugh Grant can rid his panic attacks and stop taking the medication if he went to an expert who deals with panic attacks and anxiety.

According to Geoff Tims, Hugh Grant needs to see an expert straight away where they can offer him Anxiety therapy to help him deal with his Panic Attack Problems to help him free himself from Panic Attacks and continue to make the fantastic films that he makes.

Over 20 million people in the UK suffer from anxiety disorders which include panic attacks where this number could be hugely reduced if they were pointed in the right direction and informed about seeing an expert in Anxiety and Panic Attacks where they would receive the correct professional treatment to overcome their anxiety.