How to live an eco friendly lifestyle by Using Organic Materials


Do you know about one of the most polluting industries?

The textile industry is responsible for vast amounts of air and water pollution. Many different toxic chemicals are used for dyeing and fixing colours. Unfortunately the waste produced is quite often disposed of carelessly. The end result is these chemicals enter into the environment and cause an untold amount of damage.

Air pollution occurs during the finishing stage, when the fabrics are coated in oils or waxes. This process produces harmful visible smoke which is released into the air.

How You Can Make a Difference

There is no quick and easy solution to this problem. Going green and altering our lifestyle will be necessary to prevent long term damage to the environment and our own health.

The good news is that living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. The first step is becoming more informed and understanding the issues at stake. Since you are reading this blog, you’re already off to a good start.


So how do you really make a difference?

Take action, with just one change at a time. To tackle the problems caused by most of the textile industry on a personal level, you need to identify some viable alternatives. Organic materials such as hemp, cotton, soy and wool are great eco-friendly substitutes.


Hemp Products…The Latest in Organic Fashion

Hemp has very long and strong fibres and is naturally rot resistant, making it ideal for use in textiles.


Some of the properties of hemp that make it viable are that it’s:

Commonly available

Efficient to produce

Durable material

The Benefits of using hemp are:


Organic fibres don’t contain harmful dyes & chemicals that are irritants and can cause allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin organic clothing is ideal.

Environmentally friendly, because toxic pesticides and herbicides are not used. Exposure to pesticides and herbicides is harmful to humans, animals and the environment.

Fashion Friendly. Eco-fashion is a growing category of products. Hemp is a great material for the eco-friendly and fashion conscious amongst us, and it’s not just clothing. From hemp handbags & rucksacks, to purses & wallets, all manner of eco-friendly and organic fashion items can be made.

There are many other useful applications for hemp, as it is very versatile and is easily one of the most useful plants found in nature. It can be used for making paper, paints, plastics, fuel and concrete.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Despite all the good that will come from being more environmentally friendly, most companies are not doing all they can. Businesses are in their nature profit driven. You have to vote with your wallet and avoid supporting companies who are not trying to change their practices to more eco-friendly methods. Whenever you have a choice between non-organic and organic products, try to go for the organic option.

We have to change our shopping habits and lifestyle as a whole. It might seem very difficult or even impossible at first, but all it takes is one small step at a time. We would be doing ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and the planet a huge favour.

By Vanessa Caetano