HostGator Coupon Codes Are Helping People To Save Money On Their Website Hosting


With website hosting becoming more expensive, it is important to find ways to reduce that bill. A hosting expert has come up with a way that small business owners can reduce their hosting cost through the use of HostGator Coupons.

Being one of the top-notch providers of diverse Web Hosting solutions, HostGator needs no introduction at all! For a few years, HostGator has been the first choice of thousands of web-based professionals when it comes to choosing a productive hosting for an upcoming website or blog or a web-based app. It does not matter what is the prime aim of buying hosting, HostGator hosting will have the most appropriate hosting plan available. Noticeably, website owners can find a few reasons why HostGator always top the list, and some of them are as follows.

– HostGator hosting services are quite popular for their top-notch customer support team. This team would be quite useful in not only clearing doubts but also fixing issues that customers might (rarely) have to face.

– The hosting firm comes with variety of hosting plans so that anyone can find the plan he/she needs without spending much time in comparing.

– With almost every hosting solution from HostGator, customers can have additional resources like Adwords credits.

– When compared to other hosting providers out there, HostGator creates a blend of productivity & simplicity in its server control panel.

Apart from all these aforementioned features, there’s something special in HostGator that attracts almost every web professional to HostGator, especially if he/she is looking for an affordable hosting plan — HostGator coupon! In their literal form, HostGator coupons are mere combinations of alphanumeric characters, but when put in the real place, they will show website owners magic by decreasing their payable amount by 50% or so!

It is a matter of fact that people need to know how to use HostGator coupon codes while purchasing and hence avail a nice amount of discount. In this post, for those who are not that familiar with HostGator and HostGator coupons, we shall have a tutorial on how to use HostGator coupon codes to avail discount.

Step One — Choose A Web Hosting Category

As we mentioned earlier, HostGator offers a wide variety of web hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server hosting. So, before a customer signs up for HostGator using HostGator coupon, they have to choose the web hosting category they are looking for. In this post, for example, Shared Web Hosting. So, to move on, a website owner will have to visit and choose Web Hosting from main navigation menu.

Step Two — Choose Web Hosting Plan

Since there are different web hosting plans available, a customer will have to choose one. In the case of shared hosting, they can select one and click on ‘Order Now’, whereupon they will be lead to the sign up page of HostGator.

Step Three — Give Details

This is the step where they customer will have to ACT! In this section, the customer will have to give details such as billing cycle, billing details etc. Before that, the customer will have to tell HostGator whether they need to register a new domain name. On the other hand, if they own a domain name, they can give that name to continue.

Also, the customer will have to provide username and pin for their HostGator account. This pin and username combination has to be truly confidential as it allows others to access their hosting account if exposed. Further, the customer will have to provide their billing information and payment information. Once the customer has given that correctly, they can go to the most important section.

Step Four — Using Coupon

As the customer moves further, they can see a section named ‘Have a coupon code?’ Here, they have to paste the coupon code, they have found in order to avail the corresponding discount on the order. In this post, for instance, we are making use of the coupon ‘TipsandTricks’. Using this coupon, they can have a discount of 25% on every hosting purchase they make from HostGator hosting services. Now, they have to paste the coupon in corresponding section and click on ‘Validate’.

Checkout this coupon site for more HostGator coupons:

Step Five — Here You Go

Now, in order to see the real effect of TipsandTricks HostGator coupon code, a customer will have to check the last section of page, namely ‘Please review the order details below:’. In this case, we have selected Baby plan of HostGator web hosting for a duration of thirty six months that actually wants a customer to pay $286.20. However, after applying coupon, it has received a discount of $71! Doesn’t that sound surprising? Well, it’s the way HostGator coupons work!