Hi Speed Internet And Phone Services At Affordable Rates Is Being Offered To U.S Customers


FuseSimple is pleased to announce the launch of its affordable high-speed Internet and phone service to customers across the United States. The service is reliable and priced at a level that is attractive to everyone. It is just $55USD per month for unlimited Hi-Speed Internet plus Phone service.


FuseSimple is a brand new firm with headquarters in Pennsylvania. The Voice Unlimited technology available to the company makes affordable Internet and phone service available across the entire United States. The crystal clear telephone service has a number of desirable features, including free 411 and voice mail, call ID, three way calling, and free long distance calling, which includes Puerto Rico and Canada.


The Internet service is reliable and has awesome speeds, rated as 7.1 to 15 Mbps. A new number can be selected with a local prefix. Alternately, the existing number can be ported to the new service at no added cost. No credit checks or deposits are required. The service is prepaid.


The installation process is simple. Once the customer signs up for the FuseSimple service. A simple self-installation kit is shipped to the home address. The kit has a router to access the Internet via any and all devices at the location. This includes home automation, game systems, mobile phones, laptops, tablets and computers.


Placing an order is easy and secure. Buyers can enjoy high quality home Internet and phone service for a single affordable price. There are no fees for installation or deposits. There are no credit checks and contracts.


Learn more about affordable high-speed Internet and phone services by visiting our web pages at http://www.fusesimple.com today.