Half of Sexually Active Adults Risk Catching STIs Says Durex

A study commissioned by Durex, the world’s number one condom brand has found sexually active adults are not taking their health seriously. The study found that even after all of the huge promotion on safe sex that has been going on for years including, AIDS and STIs people who have an active sex life are not getting the message and are at risk of catching STIs.
The shocking results of the study by Durex found that one in two Brits risk STIs and unplanned pregnancy by not using a condom during sex with someone new.
According to the survey, only 46 per cent of people in the UK are using a condom when they have sex with a new partner, while one in five people expose themselves to these risks because they did not have a condom on them and thought they would be ok without one.
It seems according to the survey that young adults are not listening to the message about safe sex with the research finding that just half of all young adults use a condom when they lost their virginity.

‘Young People Not Interested In Safe Sex’

Even though condoms are so easy to get hold of, 30 per cent of people in the UK did not think about buying a condom to have sex and one in five have said they regretted having unprotected sex.
It seems when it comes to sex it is more about a guessing game. The survey revealed that when people have unprotected sex they feel confident that the other person did not have an STI.
The survey also reveals how loved we Brits feel during sex-
– British women are some of the least likely in the world to feel loved during sex. Women from just four other countries – Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Thailand – feel less loved than Brits when in the sack.
– 79 per cent of women from the UK feel loved during sex
– UK men on the other hand, get more of that loving feeling; 83 per cent saying they feeling loved during sex.
Durex’s new survey also took a sneak peek behind the closed doors of British bedrooms, to discover that –
– British men have slept with 17 partners while ladies from the UK have slept with 10 partners. That’s more than the Dutch – whose men have slept with 12 partners and women have slept with six – but less than the Greek whose men have slept with 30 partners and women have slept with 10.
– A third of Brits have experimented with sex toys, compared to 27 per cent of Irish, and 14 per cent of Chinese
– One in ten use cock rings
– 37 per cent use lubricants to spice up their sex life, compared to 50 per cent of Canadians and 45 per cent of New Zealanders.
– 13 per cent indulge in role playing and sex games, while another 11 per cent want to give it a go
– 14 per cent want to try a threesome
– 10 per cent wish that massage was included in foreplay
– One in ten want to try performing a strip tease, while another 10 per cent want to try anal sex.
Ben Smith, Durex senior brand manager, says: “The Global Sexual Wellbeing Survey has provided some sobering insights – too many Brits are exposing themselves to the risk of STIs. Almost one in five Brits, who had sex without a condom, say this was because they simply did not have one with them – highlighting the important for both men and women to carry condoms. A condom should be as commonplace as your mobile phone, keys and wallet. They can quite literally be lifesavers, and with Durex’s wide range of performance, stimulating and real feel condoms we have you covered.”