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Has David Gest Put Liza Minnelli Off Marriage

Celebrity News. When David Gest got married to Liza Minnelli people thought it was a very strange combination with some people asking if David Gest only married for the Hollywood star for her money while others wondered if Liza Minnelli had lost her marbles by marrying Michael Jackson friend, but when the marriage ended it was no surprise to most people with some people wondering how come the marriage lasted so long. Now it seems David Gest could have put Liza Minnelli off marriage after she said she will never marry again.


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Liza Minnelli was talking to Access Hollywood Live about her yearlong marriage to David Gest (wow that long, cannot imagine being married to David Gest for so long) and how she is not capable of making the compromises to keep a man happy and to make a successful marriage.

"If you even hear I'm getting married, hit me over the head and take me outta there," Minnelli quipped. "Honey, it does not work. You try and accommodate because you love someone."

She went on to say: "Nowadays why get married? Nobody else does. It's not like I want to have children, I tried that, didn't work unfortunately!"

The singer and actress went on to say that she remains friends with all of her former husbands including David Gest.

Liza said she does not care what career her men have or what age they are as long as they have a pulse.

"It could be a doctor, it could be a scientist, I don't care, but somebody who is just alive. Maybe a 19-year-old whose name I don't even know a couple times."


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