Ginger Can Help With Weight Loss Cravings Says New Study


Lifestyle News. With obesity in the UK being at its highest level, men and women are always looking at new ways to lose weight and stop the cravings for food. We all know when it comes to a diet the worst thing is when we are feeling hungry and craving for food, this craving then results in the diet going out of the window and sweets, crisps, cakes and junk food coming back into our lives. Well, according a study, which was carried out by Columbia University in New York, ginger can help us with our cravings.

Columbia University in New York looked at how ginger would help sort out our cravings and see if it speeds up the metabolism in overweight people.

Ten men were tested as part of the study which each one having their resting state energy expenditure measured for up to 6 hours after consumption of a breakfast meal, subjective feelings of satiety assessed hourly and blood samples were taken before and then again 3 hours after consumption.

Results showed that subjects who consumed Ginger had a significantly increased metabolism due to the high thermic effects of the root, meaning the amount of energy expended above the resting metabolic rate due to the process of turning food in to energy or for storage.

According to the study, the men tested showed lower hunger levels and have a lower food intake and felt fuller which is good news if you struggle when it comes to losing weight with a diet.

‘Ginger Can Help With Crabings Says New Study’

If the results are correct then it seems that ginger maybe able to help when it comes to lose weight. By adding ginger to our diet according to the results it could stop us from getting hungry while trying to reduce our calories. believe that by adding ginger to your diet it will help with the cravings and will allow people who are struggling with their diet to be able to continue their diet without failing by snacking.

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