Get Your Mind Hypnotized To Lose Weight


There is a saying, it is easier to put weight on than lose it and that saying is very true, I know, when I put weight out it takes me a long time to get it off, but now according to health experts and hypnotherapy experts that saying is no longer valid thanks to hypnotherapy experts being able to hypnotize your mind to help you to lose weight.

As reported in In2town Lifestyle News, the problem of obesity in the UK is getting out of control, that is not just with adults but that is also with children as well. Health experts have become so worried about child obesity in the UK that they have claimed unless something is done then more than 50% of our children will be overweight or obese.

Research has shown that losing weight is more than dieting and exercise, health experts have said that successful long term weight loss is down to the change of lifestyle and the reduction of stress and healthier sleep patterns.

A leading professor has said that diets for most people do not work and since the claims that were made earlier this year, more people are now moving away from the traditional diet and finding another solution to their weight loss goal.

Hypnotherapy experts have said that the way to lose weight is through the mind being hypnotized, they claim by using hypnotherapy to lose weight, you can have your mind retrained and change your lifestyle completely by giving you more confidence and reducing any stress you have as well as giving you a healthy sleep pattern.

Doctors have said for years that people wishing to lose weight need at least seven hours of sleep but health experts have said, if you have worries and if you are stressed then it is harder to get the right amount of sleep to help your body deal with your weight loss goals.

According to a number of hypnotherapy experts that In2town have spoken to, by having your mind hypnotized it is allowing you to lose weight by believing that you have been fitted with a gastric band as well as having your lifestyle completely changed.

In2town Spoke to Steven Roberts who struggled to lose weight and finally managed to go from 17 stone down to 13 stone thanks to hypnotherapy.

He said: “I have a stressful job so I found myself not eating properly, I also found myself drinking more and not sleeping enough, I tried going to the gym but even though I was spending long periods of time at the gym I also found myself eating snacks and not eating proper meals. After having my mind hypnotized I found everything changed, I slept better and I was more motivated and started to eat the right type of foods and stopped eating when I was not hungry.”

It seems that having your mind hypnotized to lose weight does work and is allowing more men and women who are over weight to become slimmer, so the question is, if having your mind hypnotized to lose weight, when is the NHS going to offer this service to help people to beat obesity and become slimmer.

By Diane Walker