French Electronic Cigarette Retailer Are Offering Free Shipping On Orders Over 45 Euros

481 who have become the consumer’s choice for quality electronic cigarettes and accessories has announced they are introducing free shipping for customers who orders are over 45 Euros. This free shipping service allows for their products to become even cheaper, giving their customers value for money.


Electronic cigarettes were first made available in America, but now due to their success they have now become available worldwide, which includes France. Some health experts have claimed electronic cigarettes can help a person to stop smoking or reduce their smoking habit. Other experts have said Electronic cigarettes are a healthier way to continue smoking, reducing the damage to the body including stains on their fingers from the nicotine.


With the growing no smoking ban around the world, Electronic cigarettes are allowing people to avoid the ban and continue to smoke in public places. This is just one of the many good reasons why so many people in France are buying Electronic cigarettes from


French smokers who are looking for low priced Electronic cigarettes for a safer alternative to the traditional cigarette are turning to The online supplier of Electronic cigarettes with their high quality products at low prices and with free shipping have made them a popular choice with consumers in France.


While other suppliers of Electronic cigarettes charge for shipping no matter what value of the order is placed, want to pass on the saving to their customers to keep prices low and this is why they are offering free shipping.


A spokesman for said: “We want to keep our prices low and that is why we have introduced free shipping for orders over 45 Euros. It allows our customers to buy quality products at very low prices without worrying about the cost of delivery.”


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