FireFaux and Fatemi Entertainment Join Forces For Hit Film Once With Maggie


FireFaux Entertainment and Fatemi Entertainment Group are thrilled to announce that MacLeish Day and Alison Lani will star in the upcoming independent film “Once With Maggie.” It is the second collaboration as co-production companies after their latest outing “Duet For Four” starring Jamie Renee Smith, Jon Peterson, Chris Prascus and Briton Green. Production for “Once With Maggie” is slated to begin in early 2015 with a release date in early August to September of 2015. 


MacLeish Day has been in the arts since age two, as a dancer, singer and actor. He enjoys sports such as swimming, soccer, baseball, tennis, golf and tae-kwon-do. His love affair with the performing arts began in high school and he was accepted at the Interlochen Arts Academy due to his portrayal of Oscar Linquist in the performance of “Sweet Charity”.


MacLeish Day worked as Executive Producer in the previous collaboration of “Duet for Four” written by Kevin Wetzler and directed by C. Michael Fatemi. The cast and crew of the touching and entertaining film worked hard to complete the production. Fatemi Entertainment has secured the right to three additional scripts, “Call Me Jane” a short tragedy and “The Stinky Flamingo” a surrealistic romantic comedy. The second romantic comedy script is “Once, With Maggie” the next collaborative effort between the two groups.


Alison Day has been participating on stage since grade school. She earned a BFA at Ithaca College and began her professional career in Chicago. Her first leading role was as Laura in the Cleveland Playhouse production of “The Glass Menagerie. Moving to Los Angeles, she appeared in her first lead role of a feature film “Hazard Jack”. Her Los Angeles stage debut recently, was as Alais in “The Lion in Winter”. Her spare time pursuits include reading, writing, visual arts and fitness.


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