Thursday 28 January –

HELL HATH NO FURY… In the hotel, Paddy and Tess panic when Rhona arrives at their door. Paddy forces Tess into the bathroom and Rhona invites herself in, wanting to be with him after the happy news. She wants to go for lunch and celebrate, as Tess listens from the bathroom. Once Rhona’s in the corridor, Paddy tells Tess to go. He tells Rhona he’s booked a table in the restaurant but is horrified when Rhona spots Tess and calls her over. Tess lies she’s there with Pierce and accepts as Rhona invites her to have champagne, much to Paddy’s horror. Tess plays Paddy and he’s sure she’s going to reveal their affair, woman scorned.

LAUREL BLAMES HERSELF. Laurel’s in a rush to get to the hospital, blaming herself for losing her baby. The sonographer tells Laurel she can see a sack but no heartbeat but cannot say for sure if she’s lost the baby. Laurel’s advised to wait and take it easy. Back home, Laurel’s devastated and continues to blame herself as she tells Doug she’s lost her baby, not wanting sympathy from him or Ashley.

ALSO: Lawrence is unimpressed with Nicola having baby Carl at work and tells her she needs to sort something out quickly. Emma tells Noah he needs to get Cain on side to stay at Butler’s once Charity’s out of prison, offering to help him.