Emmerdale Andy and Katie Caravan Is Set Alight

Did Robert Set Andy And Katie Caravan On Fire

Monday 2 February 2015

ANDY AND KATIE’S CARAVAN IS SET ALIGHT. There is a frosty atmosphere between Andy and Katie as they fill the car with boxes for the caravan. Later, Andy apologises to Robert for what Katie did, leaving Robert happily surprised. Robert asks Andy to be his best man who agrees. Katie warns Robert he’s not fooling her. Later, at the pub Katie and Andy agree to stop fighting and celebrate their move to the farm but Katie can’t resist quietly taunting Robert about how she’s going to make things up to Chrissie so they can become best friends. Angry Robert takes it as a threat and leaves. Soon after, the caravan at Whylie’s is ablaze, along with Andy and Katie’s perfect future…

Did Robert Set Andy And Katie Caravan On Fire
Did Robert Set Andy And Katie Caravan On Fire

CHRISSIE WORRIES OF LACHLAN’S SECRECY. Chrissie questions Lachlan about his new girlfriend, intrigued and a bit ill-at-ease by his secretiveness. Later, Lachlan arrives at Farrers to babysit Jacob, and Alicia heads out with David. While babysitting, Lachlan gets pizza out of the oven, he picks up a knife and examines it. Deep in thought he runs his thumb against the blade, bracing himself…

ALSO: Pete reluctantly agrees to join Emma, Ross and Finn for tea. Emma’s delighted when Pete arrives, happy by what she hopes it signifies. Marlon refuses to lie when Laurel suggests they could have a drink without Paddy finding out, but later when Doug offers Laurel a sneaky drink will she be tempted? Tracy’s touched when Val wants them to discuss tactics to keep her and Sam together. Aaron makes a confession to Paddy who advises him to get out of it before he gets hurt.



Tuesday 3 February 2015

ROBERT’S WRATH. Katie barges into Home Farm and refuses to leave until Robert admits he started the fire. Robert accuses Katie of wanting to screw the wedding up and Chrissie challenges Katie to call the police but Katie’s confident stance is slipping. Back at Whylie’s farm, a furious Andy apologises to Chrissie on the phone as Katie returns. Suddenly, Katie is worried she’s gone too far and perhaps at the cost of her marriage. Meanwhile, Robert arrives at the cabin to win Aaron around, but Aaron stands firm. Later at the pub, Katie implores with Andy how they can put everything behind them. But Robert, fresh from his rejection by Aaron, is riled and Katie is who he targets.

ALSO: Val continues in her attempts to solidify Tracy and Sam as a couple. Lachlan enjoys chatting to Alicia about all the drama at home. Georgia’s emboldened by Rodney’s support and soon Rodney’s stunned when Georgia makes an arrangement.