Drive search traffic to your blog and website through LinkedIn


Driving search traffic to your blog and website through LinkedIn is a great way to increase your profile. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. It has over 200 million members in 200 countries, making it an important professional networking and job search tool.


But the site can also be a valuable place to drive traffic and business both locally and internationally. Whether you’ve just created your first blog/website or are an established company looking for qualified traffic, LinkedIn is a great way to generate it with only a time investment rather than cash.


Sally Tomkotowicz is an expert in Marketing and SEO working for one of the UK’s largest domain name providers, She has studied many successful LinkedIn profiles and talked to a variety of SMEs to find out the core things needed to grow your personal connections and drive traffic to your blogs and websites from a LinkedIn. Creating a profile and connecting with others is only the beginning – to truly generate results on LinkedIn, you need the right people to find and engage with you.


She shares the techniques businesses can use to build their networks and drive valuable traffic to their sites from LinkedIn:
1.) Building your first degree connections


Every time you update your profile, join a group, recommend or endorse someoneyour profile shows up on the home page of your 1st degree connections.


By increasing the amount of first degree connections you increase the potential clicks any updates may drive. Investing time in updating and adding new connections to expand your reach will help increase click through rates from status updates.
It is good practice to include your LinkedIn URL in your email signature and on your business card. This also provides a secondary benefit since recent statistics show that 87% of people say that they trust LinkedIn as a source of information affecting their decision-making in business.
2.) Keywords
Use keywords to help optimise your profile page for search. Using words that are specific to your industry and skills as well as including a mention of your geographic location will improve the chances of coming up in searches.


If you want to rank higher on LinkedIn (not just SEO for LinkedIn) then you should watch this video by Nate Kievman, where he explains where is best to add your main key words on your profile.
3.) Customising your public profile URL


LinkedIn is ranked very high by search engines, and you can increase your personal profile in Google rankings by making your profile public. Once you have done that you can optimise it further by customising your URL.


Your LinkedIn profile by default has a long string of numbers and letters. That number is generic, and doesn’t describe your or your organisation, but by customising it you can make it search engine friendly. It will also look far neater on your business cards too.
To customise your public profile:
Go to Settings and click “Edit your public profile”.
In the “Your public profile URL” box on the right, click the “Customise your public profile URL” link.
Type the last part of your new custom URL in the text box.
Click Set Custom URL.
Your custom URL must contain between 5 – 30 letters or numbers and no spaces, symbols, or special characters.Try to do this as soon as possible as custom public profile URLs are available on a first come, first served basis.


4.) Adding and editing links to your website anchor text.


You can display up to 3 website links on your profile, but many people forget to do this or only add one URL. Instead of using the default “My company” for your website, create unique anchor text by choosing ‘Other’ from the drop down list – you can type in your own website title with a few keywords that describe it.

The above advice should form a good base for you to start getting more value from your LinkedIn profile. However, there are many more tips and tricks you can experiment with to help your profile rank higher and drive traffic to your website. Keeping an eye for these and making sure you regularly interact on LinkedIn will ensure you get the very best out of LinkedIn.

If you have tips that you would like to sharewith our readers about driving traffic to your website with Linkedin, then please contact us today