Dr Stas Explains To Travelers How to Prevent Jet Lag and Hangovers at the San Diego Travel and Adventure Show


T. Ozog III, Vice President of Clear Products Inc, is presenting at the Annual San Diego Travel & Adventure Show on Sunday, February 15th. His presentation, Staying Healthy While Traveling, will help travelers and adventurers naturally avoid common ailments like jet lag, muscle cramps, sinus congestion, hangovers, and digestive issues—all of which can ruin the trip of a lifetime.

Dr. Stanley (Staś) T. Ozog III is presenting at the 2nd Annual San Diego Travel & Adventure Show on Sunday, February 15th. The show is where travel lovers go for travel inspiration, expert information and fun, cultural interaction. Dr. Staś presentation, Staying Healthy While Traveling, explains how to prevent common ailments associated with traveling – like jet lag, muscle aches from exertion or cramped spaces, digestive issues from new foods, and sinus congestion from travel or water sports. All of these can easily put an end to any trip, or at the very least, cut short the fun.

Dr. Stas has a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine, is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbologist. He is co-founder, Vice-President, and the director of research and development of Clear Products, Inc., a premiere formulator of innovative Homeopathic and Herbal solutions for healthy living. Dr. Stas has combined his love for traveling and passion for health to develop a unique, all-natural product line perfect for any traveler.

Dr. Stas’ passion for Oriental Medicine and herbology spans nearly 40 years. He began studying alternative modalities to relieve his own sinus problems caused by persistent allergies. In the late 1980s he again sought alternative treatment to relieve severe pain caused by an automobile accident. With relief from acupuncture and Chinese herbs on both occasions, he decided to get a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine.

After finishing his board exams, Dr. Stas teamed up with one of his patients, who was impressed with the results of his nasal and ear congestion formula, and together they created Clear Products, Inc. Their first products, Clear Sinus & Ear® and Clear Motion & Digestive Aid®, were aimed at relief for issues common to scuba diving. Realizing that many people suffer from discomforts such as motion sickness, indigestion, sinus congestion, and headaches, Clear Products Inc. created an all-natural product line for very specific heath issues. The Clear Products line now includes 14 formulas and is available online at http://ClearProductsInc.com and in health retail shops nationwide.

Dr. Stas loves to educate others on health and can be heard regularly as a guest speaker on Forever Young Radio (on SiriusXM, Channel 131) and Gateway to Vibrant Health (1170 AM KCBQ), and frequently lectures at health expos, conventions, and in health shops. His lecture schedule is online at http://ClearProductsInc.com/radio-lecture-schedule/