Dr Debra Laino Launches New Book Sex Therapy 101 on Amazon


Sex Therapy 101 is written by Dr. Debra Laino, a nationally recognized sex educator, therapist and international author. The book is aiming at people, who are too shy or concerned to visit sex counseling, providing them with easy-to-follow exercises for improving their sex life at home.

DR. Debra Laino has written the book in a simple way with a lot of exercises included to help people find the new face of their sexuality. Sex is a vital factor for relationships between the partners and any sexual dysfunction or difficulties might seriously affect them.

Dr. Debra Laino helps people make a change by leading them to explore the root of their sexual issues. Whatever the real cause might be, whether it is an emotional, mental or physical reason, sex therapy can help a person to rediscover a positive part of healthy sex life.

People, who don’t feel like going to counseling, may take advantage of the Sex Therapy 101 to find the best techniques and exercises they can do at home to enjoy their better sexual performance. Along with chapters for building healthy relationships, dealing with premature ejaculation and other sex issues, there is a chapter teaching people how to talk to the kids about sex.

Here is what the book’s author says: “Sexuality is part of life. Having a healthy sex life is important for not only yourself but also your relationship! Get started today in the privacy of your own home and start living your life to the fullest!”

Sex Therapy 101 is now being sold on Amazon for $13.44 to $15.00. People can visit http://delawaresexdoc.com/ for additional details.