Document Shredding Directory Launch New Environmental Paper Recycling Calculator


he Paper Recycling Calculator has been developed by Document Shredding Directory to provide paper life cycle assessment and analysis. This newly found online application helps customers to calculate how much water, landfill space, electricity, oil and trees they can save with secure recycling services thus taking part in the global ecology project to save the environment.

Millions of people are concerned about the environment, as they realize that the Earth does not have limitless ability to absorb the wastes produced by modern technology. The awareness of this problem has increased even more after all parts of the Planets have been affected by the harshness of the weather, such as extreme heat or cold, hurricanes, tsunamis, cyclones, and other dreadful manifestations of the global warming. This lead to a new global effort of going green.

The simple application called Paper Recycling Calculator will help people to find out what will be the impact of their recycling efforts on the environment. By simply asking customers about the number of paper recycling containers they use, this user-friendly online tool make the necessary analysis and calculations to provide people with the exact results, such as the number of trees saved, the quantity of water, oil, electricity, and even the landfill space. It provides the users with a multiple-choice questions that allows them to choose between using a recycling bin of 64 gallons, dumpster, secure office console of standard size or file box.

Business offices can use the Paper Recycling Calculator to know the quantity of the saved trees when they recycle their office paper, and will give them even more motivation to follow the eco friendly practices. Manufacturers of any industry can conveniently calculate the effect of their production and even make the necessary changes to go green.

Jesse Gilbert, the site owner explains that this application is created with the idea to “promote paper recycling globally”, so it can be shared on social networks, such as Facebook, Google+, etc.

“We wanted to create a popular online application to help people around the world calculate how much paper they can save with secure recycling services. This software can help the environment by helping people to calculate how much natural resources they will be saving when they recycle office paper. By seeing the numbers of actual trees that can be saved with paper recycling efforts, we believe people will be encouraged to recycle more,” says Jesse Gilbert, the owner of the site.

To learn more about the new Paper Recycling Calculator and to find out how many trees they can save per year, please visit to find out more.