Diet Pills Are Not The Right Way To Lose Weight Says Amazing Core Fitness


With the obesity rate standing at 27.7 percent in America where over 60 percent of the population are overweight, some adults are taking drastic measures to lose weight. This includes spending thousands of dollars on fad diets that do not work as well as trying diet pills. However, Amazing Core Fitness, the popular fitness company has said, healthy meals and exercise is the way to lose weight.


There have been reports in a huge number of people buying diets pills in America, due to being worried about the obesity rate and their health. However, the majority of these diet pills have not been tested, and most do not work. Amazing Core Fitness has warned people the only way to lose weight is through exercise and eating healthy foods and eating smaller portions.


Health experts have warned men and women who are worried about their weight to stop buying diets pills off the internet or from newspaper adverts where they have not been trialed or tested to show if they work or not.


Men and women who are using the Internet to buy diet pills could be buying anything health experts have warned. This has been echoed by Amazing Core Fitness who has warned it is dangerous to buy diet pills from the Internet without knowing what a person is buying.


Amazing Core Fitness, who helps adults to lose weight through their resistance loop bands which allow them to exercise in their own home and receive a full workout, ( has said a healthy diet and exercise will make people slimmer.


A spokesman for Amazing Core Fitness said: “We understand people are worried about being overweight, but they should not turn to the internet buying diet pills that have not been tested. They could not only be wasting their money, but they could be buying pills that can cause serious side effects due to them not being tested.”


Amazing Core Fitness, whose resistance loop bands have helped thousands of people to lose weight (Amazon priced from $16.99, would like to see men and women exercise for at least 20 minutes a day within their own home and eat healthy foods to become slimmer.


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