DeskZone Make It easy For Businesses To Find Low Cost Rental Properties


The sharing economy is growing more and more with each passing day. People are offering their homes and bedrooms for rent. Drivers are turning their cars into veritable cabs.  Data is being shared by governmental and other organizations. Crowdfunding is helping to launch everything from businesses to albums.


DeskZone is the latest innovation in the sharing economy. DeskZone promotes the sharing and subleasing of office space in New York. For the lender of the office space, it allows an extra opportunity to receive an extra source of income – not to mention another chance to build collaborative business relationships. For the recipient of the office space, there is a chance to keep business overhead expenses low, particularly for those companies whose owners are unable to make long-term commitments toward office space. They, too, receive the opportunity to establish and grow business relationships.


“We believe this market provides the most cost effective way for tenants to enter the NYC office market,” says the DeskZone team. The team takes care of setting up meetings between prospective landlords and tenants, as well as receiving and disbursing monthly payments.


Paul Bostick, founder of DeskZone, knows a thing or two about office sharing. Bostick has been leasing office space since the late 1990s and founded DeskZone when he realized that many of his clients were unable to commit to multi-year leases or the initial capital expenditures on such items as office supplies, furniture, and other infrastructure. Those costs often impeded businesses’ ability to grow and thrive quickly – a problem which DeskZone helps to solve.


Already, many businesses are taking advantage of the services provided by DeskZone. “After I posted my office share on DeskZone, I had 5 prospective tenants tour the space,” said Dr. Bill Ward of Dental Street. “Each tenant had been vetted prior to the tour and the whole process was very easy.”


On, users can quickly and easily learn about office spaces that are currently available in New York City. They will see the actual price they can expect to pay – without any taxes, surcharges, fees, or commissions added onto the price tag. DeskZone gets its revenues by deducting 15% from the total monthly rental payment made by each lessee.


To learn more about finding offices in New York and learning more about Deskzone, please visit