The Best Places To Visit In Rome On A Cruise Holiday

If you are lucky enough to go on a cruise holiday and have Rome on the itinerary, then you are in for a treat. I have put together the best places to visit in Rome for great history, amazing pictures, and cherished memories.

Rome has become one of the most popular places for cruisers, which is not surprising with all the beauty, amazing food, and the sights that it has to offer.

As soon as you arrive in Civitavecchia which is the port for Rome you will be amazed. You can choose to explore Rome on your own, or you can choose an organised excursion from the cruise liner or a local provider. I do recommend that you compare the prices between the excursions to Rome being offered by the cruise liner and a local provider as the majority of the times a local company can offer better value for money.

Rome is one of the oldest cities in the world dating back to the 10th century BC, and as such, it is filled with facts from reality and myth. 4.2 million people visit Rome each year making it the 37th most visited place in the world, so don’t be surprised how packed it is when you arrive.

There are many places to visit, and with a well-organised excursion, you could see some of the best sights that will give you wonderful memories.

Rome has been home to many films over the years including:

Roman Holiday, William Wyler, 1953, Roma, Federico Fellini, 1972, L’Eclisse, Michelangelo Antonioni, 1962, The Bicycle Thieves, Vittorio De Sica, 1948, Three Coins in the Fountain, Jean Negulesco, 1954, The Talented Mr Ripley, Antony Minghella, 1999, La Dolce Vita, Federico Fellini, 1960, The Belly of an Architect, Peter Greenaway, 1987, Accattone, Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1961, and The Scarlet and the Black.

If you do want to explore Rome on your own, then there is a Hop On Hop Off Tour service available on a double decker bus. The commentary is available in six languages and stops at nine locations throughout the city. The Rome Hop On Hop Off tour bus departs every twenty minutes costing eighteen euros per person.

I have put together my four favourite sights to see in Rome on a Cruise Holiday


  1. Colosseum

The colosseum in Rome is one of the most recognised land marks in the world. As seen in many films, the Colosseum was the place where gladiators, criminals, and lions fought for their lives for the entertainment of the audience. If you are visiting Rome on a cruise ship or even on holiday, the Colosseum has to be on your list of places to visit.


  1. Vatican City

Vatican City, which featured in one of my favourite films The Scarlet and the Black, staring Gregory Peck is one of the most magical places to visit when visiting Rome. The Vatican is the smallest independent state in the world and is ruled by the Pope, supreme head of the Roman Catholic Church.


  1. Roman Forum

Visiting the Roman Forum is like going back in time. The impressive sprawl of ruins is a showpiece not to be missed. The site was first developed in 7th century BC and grew over time to become the social, political and commercial hub of the Roman empire where many important decisions were made.


  1. Trevi Fountain

The Trevi fountain has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome. The 17th-century feature has appeared in many films over the years. If you are worried you will never get the chance to visit Rome again, then if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, it is supposed to guarantee your return to Rome.

Rome’s largest fountain was created between 1732 and 1751 by Nicolò Salvi for Pope Clement XII.