Cloud Computing has revolutionized the way businesses Operate


There are three categories of cloud computing that is beneficial to personal users. Each of them is described along with their benefits below.


Online Storage:


Online storage allows users to store data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It is a safe and secure place to back up important files and format.



Increase in Internet speed and improved security measures have popularized online storage. A huge industry is now in place to provide individual users with safe and secure online storage facility. Cloud storage for personal users can be free or paid. Free storage service provide up to a few gigabytes of storage.



There is a range of different paid storage service, each varying according to the price. Paid storage services can offer a more hassle-free service without any interference.


Web-based Applications


Yet another innovation in cloud-based computing that allows personal users to access software’s without installing them on them.


Traditional software purchase grants license to users and permits them use the software in their own computer. Once you purchase the software and make the investment, you are tied to it.


However, with the web-based application model, users can enjoy the software without even installing them in their personal computers. For a certain subscription fee, users are allowed to enjoy the full feature of the software that runs online.


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