CHOETECH 20W/4.2A Dual USB AC Wall Charger Adapter Now Available On Amazon $11.99


Choetech’s dual port USB AC charger which comes with 2 USB charging ports with each one delivering 2.1A for a quick charge is now available on Amazon for just $11.99. The popular charger is compatible with a large number of cellphones, and tablets. These include Apple iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, Apple iPad Air, iPad 5, iPad 4, New iPad 3, iPad 2, Kindle.


The Dual USB AC Wall charger where One port is specially designed for Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, and the other one is designed for Samsung and other Android phones, is currently available at the special price from $24.99 to $11.99 on Amazon ( )as part of a short term promotion.


For families wh have more than one mobile phone in the household, charging their phone can be a problem, waiting for one phone to be charged before the next one can go on charge, or fighting for an available plug. The Choetech’s dual port USB AC charger puts a stop to that problem with its capacity to charge two mobile phones at the same time. It also allows mobile phone users in the same family to carry around one charger that will charge both phones.


There are a number of USB chargers on the market, but not many of them have the capacity to charge two mobile phones at the same time, as well as offering a quick charging. The Choetech dual port USB AC charger with its fast charging speed and dual charging, allows the consumer to have a quality mobile phone charger with double the charging capacity.


There is no need to worry about overcharging a device; the charger automatically stops when the battery on the mobile phone or tablet is full.


The fast dual charger which has received positive reviews from consumers and technology review experts, is available to buy on Amazon at the discounted price of $11.99