Channel Five Hope Jeremy Kyle Can Save Celebrity Big Brother

Jeremy Kyle Going Into Celebrity Big Brother House

Channel Five is facing a major challenge with their Celebrity Big Brother show. After claiming this year Celebrity Big Brother will be the best show ever, it seems with the number of housemates who have left the show and the deadwood left in the house, the show has been a huge failure.

Jeremy Kyle Going Into Celebrity Big Brother House
Jeremy Kyle Going Into Celebrity Big Brother House

Celebrity Big Brother producers thought paying Katie Price £500,000 would set fireworks off in the show. The former model claimed she would take no prisoners and Channel Five were hoping she would set people straight and confront Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton. However, it seems Katie Price is all mouth and no bite and the money would have been better spent in paying viewers to watch the show.

Now it seems, Celebrity Big Brother producers are trying one last gamble. They are hoping to convince Jeremy Kyle to go into the house and cause problems for the rest of the housemates. With viewing figures dropping, drastic action needs to be taken but is Jeremy Kyle the right man for the job?

With Alexander O’Neal being the latest housemate to leave the show, Channel 5 need to do something before the only people watching Big Brother is former X Factor singer Rylan Clark.

When the news broke of Jeremy Kyle going into the show, one fan turned to Twitter and said

“Hahaha! Rumours Jeremy Kyle is going into the house to calm everything down. Hahaha! Imagine though. #CBB,”

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