Celebrity Big Brother Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel With Marcus Collins


marcus collins

It seems Celebrity Big Brother is scraping the bottom of the barrel if the latest contestant rumour is true. According to sources from the Celebrity Big Brother camp, Channel 5 is looking to bring in former X Factor finalist Marcus Collins. I know the economy is struggling and money is tight, but come on, Marcus Collins.


For those of you who have a short memory, Marcus Collins was the one who was in Gary Barlow group on the X Factor who finished second to Little Mix in 2011. Although many people have most likely forgotten who he is while other people think he is working on a market stall somewhere, it still seems he is popular with Channel 5.


It seems Channel 5 are looking at attracting the younger audience by bringing the Liverpudlian singer on board. By putting Marcus Collins in the Celebrity Big Brother house, they believe they will attract more of a younger audience, when in reality no one really cares if Marcus Collins is in the Big Brother house.


The 26 year old former hairdresser is said to be excited at the possibility of joining the Celebrity Big Brother show, although no contracts have been signed as yet. If he does go into the Big Brother House then he will earn more money from a few weeks than he has through his music since leaving the X Factor show.


It seems Channel 5 and the producers of Celebrity Big Brother are getting desperate. Whatever happens, and whoever enters the Big Brother House, we are sure it cannot be any worse than last year.