Celebrity Big Brother Bosses Worried Katie Price Will Quit The Show

Katie Price Big Brother

Channel Five paid Katie Price £500,000 to help save the Celebrity Big Brother show. However, it seems that could have been the biggest waste of money they have ever spent as show bosses are worried Katie Price is to Quit Celebrity Big Brother.


When Katie Price went into Celebrity Big Brother the show bosses were convinced she would set fireworks alight. However, it seems Katie Price has gone in there and kept her head down leaving many viewers disappointed, and Channel 5 bosses are reeling. Now it seems they have more to worry about than an expensive guest who has not lived up to her reputation. According to sources on the show, Katie Price could quit Celebrity Big Brother any day now for medical reasons.


The glamour model turned failed reality star has been complaining about the pain she is suffering from the recent surgery on her breasts. Katie Price, whose breasts must feel like a trampoline with the different sizes they have gone to, has a doctor on stand by in case she suffers from complications in the house.


A source at the Celebrity Big Brother studios has told In2town, “If the doctor says Katie Price needs to leave the house then the show bosses will have no option but to pull her out. However, Katie Price has also been given that option if she feels she is suffering too much pain then she is allowed to leave. These conditions were the only way to get her into the house, and now it seems she could become the most expensive guest to leave Celebrity Big Brother.”


Katie Price decided to have more surgery on her breasts to make them smaller, after complaining that she was not being taken seriously. There was no mention of her not writing her own books, trying to become a pop star when she cannot sing, and staying married to a man who cheated on her more than once, was the reason she is not taken seriously. However, it seems Katie Price believes her breasts are the reason she is not taken seriously, so they were the ones that had to suffer.


Celebrity Big Brother bosses are keeping their fingers crossed that Katie Price stays in the house, and they are also hoping she becomes more like her old self and causes fireworks with the other housemates.


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