Building Self Esteem in children


Confidence in children is very important but unfortunately when children start school their confidence could be knocked by other children. That is why it is important that parents should be building self-esteem in children and allow them to grow with confidence instead of being held back due to the lack of confidence.


We all know that some children can be cruel to other children and by knocking a child’s confidence it could have a knock on affect for their adult life where their lack of confidence can affect their future and their future goals.

It is important that a parent believes in their children and helps build confidence in the child to allow them to full fill their ambition and dreams and continue to grow.

Here are some ideas to help build confidence in your child


Believe in your child and show them that you believe in them.


When your child has done something good tell them. Give them praise and positive feedback; tell them how proud of them you are. A child always likes to know how proud a parent is of them and this allows the child to increase their confidence.


Take interest in what your child is doing, try and join in and ask questions


If you child has a hobby then take interest in this hobby, speak to your child and get them to explain their knowledge on their hobby. By showing your child he is more knowledgably on the subject of his hobby will help build his self-esteem and confidence.


By following the above simple suggestions, it will allow your children self-confidence to grow and allow their confidence to continue to grow all through childhood into adult hood.