Best Weight Loss Programme Is To Skip Mid-Morning Snack


People who are looking to lose weight are always looking for the best weight loss programme and according to a new report the answer to weight loss is to miss the mid-morning snack.

Many experts have claimed they have the perfect weight loss programme but according to the new study this new method for weight loss really does work.

Researchers from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre decided to look into diets and try to resolve the issue of the best weight loss programme and decided to study women who wanted to lose weight.

What the study shown was it was best to miss the mid-morning snack. Researchers looked at women who ate mid-morning snacks and women who avoided eating between breakfast and lunch and they found that the women who avoided eating between breakfast and lunch lost 4 per cent more weight.

Anne McTiernan, M.D., Ph.D., a member of the Hutchinson Centre’s Public Health Sciences Division and director of its Prevention Centre who led the study said:

“We think this finding may not relate necessarily to the time of day one snacks, but rather to the short interval between breakfast and lunch. Mid-morning snacking therefore might be a reflection of recreational or mindless eating habits rather than eating to satisfy true hunger.”

The study was part of an ancillary investigation of nutrition and exercise on breast cancer risk seems to bring into question weight loss programmes that say it is best to have a snack before meals.

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