Banish that Baby Body for Mums on the move


Life after childbirth

How many moms out there went through the same thing I did after giving birth? Slack muscles, flabby belly, wobbly triceps… For months after having my baby, I felt pretty much like I need to take radical action.


Walks with the stroller – instead of the gym
I really wanted to get myself back in good shape. And ultimately, even better shape than I had been in before. The only slight problem with this ambition was squeezing workouts into my full-time schedule as a new mom. Not only did I not have time to go to the gym, I didn’t have a babysitter to leave my son with either. You see my dilemma!

The only option available to me was to start exercising while I was with my son. So, I turned walking with my stroller into my daily fitness sessions.
An adventurous undertaking, but I was willing to do anything to get rid of that droopy stranger in the mirror!


Long fast walks to lose weight


I started walking for more than an hour EVERY SINGLE DAY, with no exceptions. I walked really fast, concentrating on my walking pace and how my body moved – rain, hail or shine, no matter what my mood. Little kids have an afternoon nap every day so there were no excuses to get in the way of mom’s fitness time!

By walking fast I mean walking fast: there was no stopping to pass the time of day, or leisurely, gossipy strolls with girlfriends. Walking fast has an anaerobic effect – your metabolism speeds up causing your body to burn more calories. You’re already off to a good start right there.


Habits bring results

Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.”

I walked EVERY DAY. Laziness and couch-potato-ness had no place in my daily routine. Best of all, it really worked! Almost immediately, I felt more energized and happier. My body liked the way it was treated and responded with gratitude. Secondly, I started to lose weight simply because I walked fast with my stroller; I walked for more than an hour and did it regularly. I was very satisfied with the initial results, but just losing weight was not my ultimate goal.

Strollnetics – Shaping my body with my baby stroller


My muscles and soft tissue needed to be firmed and tightened. I discovered that if I pushed the stroller in a certain way, I worked out different groups of muscles. I started to experiment to see what grips and positions worked out what muscles. Over time, I realized how to push the stroller to shape my arms, abs and butt. This would ultimately become what I now call, drum roll please, Strollnetics!

My baby stroller turned out to be the best training machine ever, available at any time, at no extra cost and, most importantly, it meant that I could always have my baby with me.

Rollerblading with the baby stroller – for fun and fitness

My fitness coach once said to me: “There are 3 spots on a woman’s body that reveal her age: her butt, stomach and triceps.” These are the areas that women need to take special care of.

Rollerblading with your stroller tackles these areas: your arms push the stroller with double intensity; your butt and stomach muscles perform intense skating movements. It’s a great workout for your hip, butt and stomach muscles. I went rollerblading twice a week in spring and autumn – to keep my muscles toned and shaped.

Free fitness for moms

It’s as simple as that! Weight-loss walking and rollerblading with your stroller are free (you just need a proper jogging stroller). Invisible exercises with your stroller – Strollnetics – are easily done anytime and anywhere – and because they’re invisible, you won’t get any strange looks in the park or the shopping mall!

If done daily, Strollnetics will inevitably bring you:

  • Long-lasting weight loss

  • A slim and sporty body

  • Firm muscles

  • An improved immune system

  • Healthier, younger-looking skin

  • Extra time with your child



However you decide to work out – rollerblading, cycling, running or walking fast with your stroller – make sure you finish with a good stretching session. It’s beneficial in several different ways:

  1. You stretch your muscles so they become more elastic and defined.

  2. You do not allow lactic acid to remain in your muscles.

  3. You give your brain a signal that your training is over. You’ve earned a rest!

So that moms everywhere can share in these benefits, I’ve created some easy, stand-up stretching exercises – 5-minute routines that can be done standing just about anywhere!

Fitness has always been my passion; fitness with my stroller has become my mission.”

I started my own project called Walkingmama – a website describing how moms can get fit any time they want, free of charge, while spending time with their kids.

By Lean Filatova

Lena Filatova is a stroller fitness expert and has walked more than 5000 miles with her baby stroller and her little boy. The author of Walkingmama and creator of Strollnetics, her motto is ‘A Good Figure Costs Nothing For Moms!’ Just grab your stroller and start walking!