Azimo Have Launched New Euro Money Transfer Service to Scotland


Azimo, London’s leading FinTech startup has launched a new Euro money transfer service to Scotland. The new service comes ahead of the potential YES vote in the Scotland Independence Referendum on the 18th September 2014.

With the Governor of the Bank of England categorically ruling out a currency union between Scotland and the rest of Britain, Azimo will now offer transfers to bank accounts across the border in Euro’s.

Michael Kent, the Scottish CEO of Azimo, explained the move, “The Referendum is an opportunity for Scotland to make up its’ mind once and for all. Unfortunately for our many customers north of the border leaving the Pound comes with increased foreign exchange risk and cost. But unlike the politicians in Westminster, we are already prepared for the decision that Scotland goes it alone. From today customers can send both Pounds and Euros to Scotland.”

To further cushion the blow Kent announced that all transfers with the promo code SCOTSDECIDE would be free until one week after the referendum.

The Azimo service provides a fast, safe, easy and low-cost way to transfer money across borders, offering rates up to 85 per cent cheaper than high street banks and traditional money transfer providers.

In addition to Azimo’s normal low-cost services, customers also get their first transfer free. There’s never been a better time to send money to friends or family only the other side on the border, in Scotland.