Author John Akhile Sr has released his latest book Unleashed


African Trade Group LLC and John Akhile Sr., President and CEO are pleased to announce the release of his second book on international trade. The book is called “Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade with the World” and reflects his knowledge of the topic gained from more than two decades of international trade experience. The book has garnered an extensive list of endorsements and reviews, including one from Kirkus Reviews found at

Kirkus Reviews was founded in 1933 and has served as the definitive voice on notable books being published, for more than eight decades. Kirkus provides unbiased and critical reviews of major works, well before the publication date. The Kirkus review states that the book is “a thorough and well-reasoned . . . exploration of the possibilities for economic growth in Africa.”

Reviews and endorsements come from leading educators, economists and recognized authorities in international trade topics. The countries represented include the UK, Canada, United States, East Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Kenya.

A synopsis of the book describes it as a comprehensive strategy for encouraging economic development in African nations. It contains three main sections: The first defines the core challenges faced by today’s African countries in light of the historical context. The second section, analyzes the relevance and transferability of the Asian Tigers to African countries. The Asian Tigers are Far Eastern nations, which have successfully developed economies in countries, which were previously under the control of Western countries. The examples of South Korea, Japan and Singapore are assessed. The third section reviews several opportunities, which will transform the economic presence of African countries.

The economic, political and social premise of Unleashed is that the economic situation can and should be reversed. The author sets a road map by means of which this transformation can be assured.

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