Amazing Core Fitness Says There Is More To Being Overweight Than Overeating


Amazing Core Fitness the health company behind the Resistance Loop Bands that help people become slimmer in their own home, has said there is a lot more to being overweight than just enjoying food.


According to a new study, 94 percent of Americans believe that people who are overweight are responsible for their own weight issues, even though obesity is ripping through America like a high powered fast train. However, Amazing Core Fitness, the health company who sell the $15.99 Resistance Loop Bands that allow you to lose weight through exercise in your own home, believe obesity needs to be tackled and people who are overweight are not overweight just through the enjoyment of food.

There does not seem to be any stopping the obesity problem, in 2014 it was reported that one in three adults are currently obese and according to health experts, this could soon rise within ten years two one in two people being overweight or obese, which would cause an even bigger strain on the government.

Amazing Core Fitness have said there are many reasons why people have become overweight or obese and people should not assume that people are overweight just because they love food.

Stress is one of the biggest problems people face in the modern world and believe it or not, stress can cause you to put on weight and become obese.

Another reason why someone maybe overweight or obese is a bad relationship. If someone is in a bad relationship then they turn to food for comfort, trying to forget about the relationship they are in, relying on the sugar to give them a happy boost.

Loneliness is another reason why someone maybe overweight. Being alone no matter what age can be horrible, being alone not being able to speak to someone can cause people to eat snacks as comfort.

Another reason someone maybe overweight is through pressure at work, worried about their nine to five jobs and going home trying to relax with a snack here and there.

Obesity is not just about eating for the fun of it, obesity is a serious issue which has many underlying issues, but one thing is for sure, obesity can be beaten through exercise, it can be beaten by keeping fit from home using resistance bands.

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