Amazing Core Fitness Resistance Core Band Says exercise makes heart healthier


A new study has found that exercising regularly keeps our heart healthy and can reduces the risk of developing cancer and other diseases.


Amazing Core Fitness who is the company behind the popular Resistance Loop Bands priced just $16.99 that help men and women to lose weight in their own home, welcomes the new report that has stated those who exercise on a regular basis reduce the risk of developing heart problems and cardiovascular diseases.


It has been reported that a lack of exercise can be as serious as smoking, causing serious health problems that includes diabetes. In the U.S. one report has claimed that 250,000 deaths could partly be due to a lack of exercise, this could be vastly reduced if more people understood the importance of exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.


Around the world it has been estimated that the lack of exercise has caused more than 5.3 million deaths, these are deaths that could be reduce if more people started to exercise at home with fitness equipment including the Amazing Core Fitness Resistance Loop Bands.


Researchers have stated that strong evidence shows physical inactivity increases the risk of many major adverse health conditions including:


    Death (from any cause)

    Coronary heart disease

    High blood pressure


    Metabolic syndrome (including obesity and abnormal blood cholesterol levels)

    Type 2 diabetes

    Breast and colon cancer


Amazing Core Fitness would like to see more people exercising at home to lose weight and gain a healthy heart. A spokesman for Amazing Core Fitness said: “If men and women used our product, the Amazing Core Fitness Resistance Loop Bands which is available from Amazon, they could exercise at home and help battle against the obesity problem and gain a healthy body and a healthy heart.”


Health experts around the world would like to see more people take the obesity problem seriously, reduce the deaths that are happening around the world due to people not exercising and due to the obesity problem.


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