Amazing Academy Releases New Business-Building Software – Profit Spotlight 2.0


Free software helps business owners discover new products to sell on Amazon and develop their own business through the e-commerce site.


Amazing Academy, the entrepreneurial-advisement website, has released their new directive software, Profit Spotlight 2.0.


The software analyzes three criteria – best-selling rank, price, and number of reviews – of thousands of products on, and develops a composite “Opportunity Score” – a rank from 1-100, based on the information available through the program, that has a potential to earn the seller a profit.


The software allows you to jump between departments, of which only the most profitable are included. New data is pooled daily.


After picking a department and choosing a product, the software compiles information about:


  • Product rank in that category
  • The shortened name of the product
  • The name of the category it falls under
  • The “Hot List” – a special list on
  • Price the item is currently being sold at
  • The number of reviews
  • Estimated daily sales, based on an algorithm only available through this software


Profit Spotlight 2.0 is available for free through their website,, requiring only a user’s e-mail address to grant access.


Amazing Academy is a set of courses developed by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, two young entrepreneurs with the interests of other self-starters in mind. The courses teach start-ups about the foundations of starting your own company, the social media aspects behind it and other general tips to developing a profitable business.

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