A Sugar Tax Could Help Reduce Obesity In America Says Global Health Ideas


Obesity has reached a record high in America with 27.7 percent of the adult population being obese and 60 percent being overweight. Doctors have warned the problem will continue to rise unless adults start to eat healthy food and exercise on a regular basis. Global Health Ideas, the company that is helping men and women to lose weight with their Resistance Bands Set has said a Sugar Tax could help to reduce obesity in America.


Health experts have warned the increase in obesity is as a result of the modern world. Some experts have claimed people have less time to eat and therefor are turning to fast food outlets, while other health experts have said people are turning to ready meals and fast food outlets due to their convenience. Whatever the reason people are turning to fast food and unhealthy food, one-thing health experts agree on, food manufactures and fast food outlets are putting too much sugar in food and drinks.


Global Health Ideas who sell their Resistance Bands through Amazon at $19.88, which allow men and women to lose weight through exercising at home without the need for weights, feel the government should introduce a sugar tax to reduce the amount of sugar that is put into food and drink.


A spokesman for the leading fitness company believes by introducing a sugar tax could reduce the obesity problem.

The fitness experts would like to see the American government introduce the following measures to help reduce the obesity problem

 Reduce added sugars in food

 Ban all marketing on unhealthy foods and drinks

 Stop sponsorship by food companies who supply unhealthy foods  

 Reduce fat in foods

 Introduce a sugar tax to encourage the consumption of healthier food

The GHI Resistance Bands priced at just $19.88 from Amazon have become popular with women in America, giving them an affordable way to lose weight without the use of weights.


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