A New Soft Drink Is Now Available Called Miss Cola


Miss Cola, a new Cola drink that has made a triumphant entry on to the soft drink market, is already kicking buts with its unique taste, graphical presentation, and very competitive pricing.


Miss Cola is a cola flavoured carbonated beverage and flavored with vanilla and other ingredients. Maximum refreshment Miss Cola comes in sleek 500ml PET bottle.


According to Dotun Olusi, head of marketing for Liquid Experience Limited, Miss Cola, aims to appeal to the refreshment needs of many different people all throughout the world, was officially released recently in London, the base on which is hoping to launch its global dominance.


“With Miss Cola entering the beverage market, we’ll be able to satisfy the needs of all our consumers and make their experiences with our soft drink better,” said Dotun.


“It is our mission to refresh and completely satisfy the world. It is also our vision to make a bottle of Miss Cola available within arms’ reach of every person all around the globe,” promise Dotun.


Noting that Miss Cola delivers the unique refreshment experience that people are looking for today, the spokesperson said the cola flavored carbonated beverage has a refreshing flavor derived from vanilla and other unique mix of quality ingredients, which gives it a refreshing taste link no other soft drink.


According to Dotun, a bottle of Miss Cola contains 500ml of refreshment that’s refreshing, unique and modern, and created to satisfy the refreshment needs of people throughout the world.